Question: How much to water plants in pots

how much to water plants in pots

This is a extremely common question, especially for new container garden hobbyists who are scared to over water or underwater there potted plants. Unfortunately there is no hard and fast rule on what your plants should be expecting in water. There are quiet a few variables that go into determining the exact amount of water … Read more

How much does it cost to live in a van?


To answer this question very much depends on who happens to be asking. The cost of living in a van varies country to country and even state to state in some cases – So I’m going to base this article off UK prices, and will add conversions for USD for my US readers. If you … Read more

Storage shelves for canning jars


Editors Note: If you are just here for shelving reviews, Please click here to scroll down   If you’ve been spending any decent amount of time canning and dehydrating food than you probably find yourself starting to run out of room to put everything you’ve made. Even more so if you also tend to your … Read more