How to Dehydrate Cherries – 3 Methods

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Cherries make a great jam and cake topping but did you know they also make a great little treat when they are dehydrated? It’s true, Much like the delicious raised, a cherry is a fun sweet little snack packed full of energy. Let’s get started learning how to dehydrate cherries, With 3 different methods. How … Read more

Can you freeze stewed rhubarb?

A simple question requires a simple answer, can you freeze stewed rhubarb? Yes! It’s even recommended. See more bellow! Long answer to can “you freeze stewed rhubarb”? Stewing Rhubarb is a great way to have it prepared for freezing. It’s used in all sorts of recipes right out of the box, Such as with icecream, … Read more

How to Grow Arugula in a Container Garden

arugula sprouts

A great addition to your container garden is Arugula. It’s high in Calcium, Potassium, Folate, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A, and tons of fiber, phytochemicals, carbohydrates and it’s low in sugar. So why wouldn’t you want to give it a try? Let’s learn how to grow arugula! With a peppery punch, Arugula is an … Read more

How hard is it to raise chickens?

chicken coop

So, How hard is it to raise chickens? Well, on the one hand, chickens are fragile. They can break in a variety of ways if handled carelessly. On the other hand, they are surprisingly resilient to some types of damage (such as beak-pecking). If you give them proper attention and keep them safe from aggressive … Read more

How long after canning pickles can you eat them?


So, how long after canning pickles can you eat them? So you’ve just got finished making some nice, juicy pickles and you’re already drooling over the idea of cracking them open and taking a nice crispy bite. Well, unfortunately it’s just going to taste like a cucumber floating around in pickle juice! A fermented pickle … Read more

How to can corn you grew at home

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It’s such a shame corn only grows in summer, And doesn’t last that long on it’s own. I mean, you could go to the store and buy some.. but whats in it, whats on it? Who knows. Or you could learn how to can corn you grew at home like a boss and have some … Read more