Best place to store potatoes

potatoe sack

In this article you are going to learn the best place to store potatoes, no matter what kind of potato you might have, from sweet potato to..ugh.. any other kind of potato (i mean they are all balls of starch, some more than others). Like tomatoes? Check out our article on growing cherry tomatoes in … Read more

How To Can Fish – How To Store Fresh Fish

how to can fish

Consider a few scenarios. Maybe it’s the middle of winter, your out in your cabin for the season and you’re getting ready for a meal. Your fresh foods have been depleted and you’re tired of eating the same damn root vegetables and pickled foods and those annoying Mountain House meals you paid way too much … Read more

Can grow light burn my plants?

Yes, But there is more to it! Light is one of the most crucial factors to growing plants, but the question that needs to be considered is whether grow lights can burn plants and how much light could be too much? Light (even intense light) won’t burn your plants in most cases. But like with … Read more

What are the healthiest microgreens to grow in your garden?

What are the healthiest microgreens to grow Microgreens are becoming increasingly popular in the market because they are super healthy. Chefs and home users all over have taken to incorporating them in their salads, smoothies, soups, and sandwiches because of the tons of nutrients they contain. So if you would like to know what the … Read more

My potting soil too wet, help!


So your potting soil is too wet, huh, We’ve all been there. When your first starting out with container gardening, you will find something is always either too dry or too wet. That can be a problem when trying to grow and maintain healthy plants. But fear not! It’s an easy fix solution to the … Read more