How To Can Zucchini

How To Can Zucchini

Zucchini is an organic food with a much longer shelf life once we appropriately preserve it. Some people keep zucchini in the freezer after shredding it. That’s a good idea for occasional use, but what if you could keep the entire harvest of your garden. You could prepare so much bread, muffins, fried zucchini slices, … Read more

How to Preserve Morel Mushrooms

how to free morel mushroom

How to Preserve Morel Mushrooms Morel mushrooms are one of the rarest, odd-looking types of wild mushrooms that you can eat. They resemble a honeycomb on a stick. Their strange, peculiar appearance may suggest that you should not even think about consuming them. However, they are good enough to eat. They have a unique taste … Read more

How To Store Fresh Oranges – Best Methods

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Oranges have many health benefits. With their high concentration of vitamin C, they are among the most nutritious fruits to take. Since oranges are essential in the human body, many people will want to have enough supply at all times. Using fresh fruits is better than using processed fruits, so it is important to keep … Read more

How to Get Rid of Mold on Plant Soil

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Learning how to get rid of mold on plant soil is one of the most important things you can do for your plants. If you’re growing anything from a tomato to a grapevine, you need to keep the area damp and mold-free. If you neglect your plants, they can get sick and die. This article … Read more

Using Cardboard In Container Gardening

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All good gardeners know that earthworms are our best friends. Mixing organic material – truly “organic,” as in certified, is best, but any natural, degradable substance qualifies – encourages the proliferation of these little critters. However, sometimes it’s hard to find material to add to your soil. This is where plain, brown, corrugated cardboard comes … Read more