How to Get Rid of Mold on Plant Soil

wiping plant

Learning how to get rid of mold on plant soil is one of the most important things you can do for your plants. If you’re growing anything from a tomato to a grapevine, you need to keep the area damp and mold-free. If you neglect your plants, they can get sick and die. This article … Read more

Using Cardboard In Container Gardening

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All good gardeners know that earthworms are our best friends. Mixing organic material – truly “organic,” as in certified, is best, but any natural, degradable substance qualifies – encourages the proliferation of these little critters. However, sometimes it’s hard to find material to add to your soil. This is where plain, brown, corrugated cardboard comes … Read more

My potting soil too wet, help!


So your potting soil is too wet, huh, We’ve all been there. When your first starting out with container gardening, you will find something is always either too dry or too wet. That can be a problem when trying to grow and maintain healthy plants. But fear not! It’s an easy fix solution to the … Read more

Question: How much to water plants in pots

how much to water plants in pots

This is a extremely common question, especially for new container garden hobbyists who are scared to over water or underwater there potted plants. Unfortunately there is no hard and fast rule on what your plants should be expecting in water. There are quiet a few variables that go into determining the exact amount of water … Read more