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Sometimes powdered milk goes on sale and you want to buy it in bulk, and why wouldn’t you? It makes the perfect pantry stuffer after all. But how much should you buy? Won’t it go bad, I mean it is milk, right? How long does powdered milk last and should I store a large amount at a time? We answer your questions below.

Right off the bat, Once mixed, powdered milk will last 3-4 days before needing to be tossed.

How long is powdered milk good for unopened?

When unopened, and sealed properly, powdered milk can last up to 10 years. But did you know it never really “goes bad”? According to the FDA, powdered milk can last forever when stored in proper conditions.

There are 2 main varieties of powdered milk, with fat and without fat. With fat will spoil eventually, but milk that has had its fat contents removed will last 25 years to forever.

Not a bad storage life span huh? So go ahead and buy that bulk milk, it’s going to last you a long time.


“You didn’t tell me about the expiration date!”

Expiration dates are just suggestions on most food. They are standards for the sell-by date. This is usually short-term to account for a consumer buying it on it’s last best before the date and all the time It might take them to store and consume their product.

So as you can see, It’s more of a guideline. And not even that so much when it comes to foods that last an incredibly long time, like powdered milk or honey.

Just take note that depending on how old your milk is, it might have lost some flavor. Do you really expect a 25-year-old glass of milk to taste like the day it shot out of the cow’s teat? No of course not!

How long does powdered milk last after opened?

Once your milk has had any contact with open-air, It will start the spoiling process. This will take stretch 2-3 months before it’s noticeably gone sour.

Consider some milk types that will keep longer than 3 months even after being opened. To extend this further, When you open your milk, you should reseal it in an as airtight container as possible.

If you have a vacuum sealer that has a hose attachment, You can achieve true vacuum seals on many styled of containers, including mason jars.

The main goal no matter how you decide to store your powdered milk after opening is to keep air away! You can even use air absorbing packets! Just make sure they are food grade!

How long does baby powder milk last

Milk powder meant for newborns to consume is far different than regular powdered milk. It contains all sorts of other vitamins, minerals, and nutrients a baby needs to grow strong.

This includes FATS.

Fat’s do one thing very well besides make you self, It SPOILS.

In fact, It spoils rather quickly when it’s mixed in with all those other ingredients. That’s why baby powdered milk only lasts 1 month once opened!

Please understand that’s not just an estimate this time like it is with regular powdered milk. Baby powdered milk WILL go bad after a month, do not feed it to your child!

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