The Best Outdoor Solar Powered Night Lights 2020

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Winter, spring, summer, or fall, You need light to see at all! Here we outline the best outdoor solar-powered nightlights for this year, 2020.

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Solar lights aren’t like they used to be. Back when they first became a fad, they didn’t work as well as they do today. They would be dull in brightness, Their batteries would die very quickly. The life span was short and the build quality just wasn’t there when it came to 4 season weathering protection.

With that said, We live in the future. Things aren’t as they were so long ago. Solar panels are more efficient and incredible than ever before. Our build qualities have gotten stronger due to new materials and manufacturing processes, and they are bright as you need them to be with powerful low-powered LED technology.

That’s not it either. With better quality, more precise tooling, and smaller more powerful batteries, We’ve also been able to add nice aesthetic appeal. Whether you want simple and basic to extravagant and overdone, there’s a lookout there for your porch/garden or backyard.

Every product we reviewed in this article worked as we expected it to. It complied with all the above-stated factors and was able to perform its main function as it should. 

All of these lights have varying degrees of differences, But we personally feel they all met the quality standards we look for when reviewing a product.

How We Selected

We have 3 categories that we strive to fill with the best choices for those categories as possible. These are Best Value, Best Choice, and our Premium Pick.

Best Value: When choosing a product for our best value category, we look to take a few things into account. It’s price first and foremost, as this determines the rest of the quality markers. For example, build quality vs price. It is inexpensive and brittle built with cheap materials? Then it’s not going to fit in the best value selection. We look for good durability to price ratio.

We also look at other various features such as ease of use, access, other people’s opinions, and experiences, etc.

Best Choice: The best choice is the product we recommend the most to the average buyer. It will have good durability of what you would expect for a more expensive (but not always more expensive) product. A strong reputation behind it in the community and overall not too expensive.

Overall with our best choice, You are getting more for what you paid in terms of quality and effectiveness and is overall our favorite. If we were to choose to continue using any of these products, The BEST CHOICE would be the product we would continue to use.

Premium Pick: The premium pick is something we sometimes add when we find an extraordinary product. It’s of the utmost quality, design, and premium materials. It’s sturdy, looks amazing, and most importantly, Functions to the best of its ability and for what it’s designed to do. 

We recommend this to people who don’t mind paying a premium on an excellent quality product. 

best value

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Best Outdoor Solar Powered Night Lights

Solpex Solar Pathway Lights

SOLPEX Solar Lights for Outside, Solar Outdoor Lights 8 Pack, Up to 10 Hrs Auto On/Off Garden Lights Waterproof, Solar Powered Landscape Lighting for Yard, Garden, Walkway-(Cold White)
  • 【Attractive Design】The double rings on the solar garden lights waterproof provide striking snowflake-like lighting patterns on your walkway at night. This design adds a beautiful glow to your solar garden lights, making it perfect for your pathway, yard, garden, patio, and walkway decoration.
  • 【High-Quality】Solpex 8 pack solar pathway lights outdoor can glow for up to 8-12 hours after charge. Also, the solar lights provide vivid brightness because they are made of polysilicon solar panels, rechargeable batteries, and corrosion-resistant ABS plastic.
  • 【Energy Saving】The outdoor lights are 100% solar-powered. After you turn on the switch, the solar yard lights will charge automatically during the day, turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn, saving you time and electricity bills.
  • 【Easy Installation】No additional tools or wiring is required to install the outdoor solar lights. All you have to do is remove the tab under the light cap, turn on the switch, pull out the bottom spike from the tube, install it and insert the solar outdoor lights into the soft earth.
  • 【Weatherproof & Warranty】The solar lights are waterproof IP44, which can withstand sunny, rainy, and small snowy days. If, for any reason, the solar lights outdoor stop working, contact us, and we will help you solve the problem as soon as possible.

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Well known company

Get 8 lights for a low price

Puts out a decent amount of light

Looks aesthetically pleasing

Decent build quality

Winter safe & waterproof


Plastic stem

One out of 8 was broken, seller replaced it

We chose the solpex 8 pack pathway lights as our best outdoor solar-powered nightlight pick for a few reasons.

First of all, The price is on point. For a very fair price, you get 8 entire lights. That’s a steal when most other packs only offer 2-4 lights for a higher price. 8 is enough to do an average size walking path or driveway which is exactly what most people are going to be needing these for.

The company is well-known internationally for the products they make, and their reputation is high. 

Aesthetically speaking, they look high quality. Practically speaking, they are of very decent quality. When stabbed into the ground, they slid in easy and didn’t bend or snap. They stood up straight with little issue, which seems to be a problem with many types of lights.

Overall we chose these as the best choice because it blends the cost and quality to what we think the average consumer is looking for. So if you’re just looking for some simple solar-powered lights for gardening, then this is the one for you.

best value

Urpower solar lights

URPOWER Solar Lights Outdoor, Adjustable Solar Spot Lights Outdoor, 2-in-1 Waterproof Solar Landscape Spotlights Wall Light, Dusk-to-Dawn Solar Powered Outdoor Light for Garden, Yard (2 Pack Warm)
  • 2 Brightness Levels: Low light mode (10hrs) / high light mode (6 hrs). Equipped with a wide solar panel, URPOWER solar outdoor lights can faster charge its 2200mAh battery. After full charge, the 4 LED solar spot lights can provide up to 200lms lighting for 6-10 hrs.
  • Separately Adjustable Light & Solar Panel: The solar spotlights can be adjusted up to 90° to illuminate any outdoor space. The solar panel can be adjusted up to 180° for optimum sun exposure.
  • 2 in 1 Functions & 2 Installation Options: Stick into the ground by stakes, or mount on the wall by screws. These outdoor lights can work as Solar Landscape Lights to highlight the trees, statue, signpost, pool, Also as Solar Wall Lights to light up your front door, driveway, pathway.
  • Dusk to Dawn, Auto ON/OFF: The solar powered lights will automatically turn ON at night, and OFF at dawn. No electric bill, and no need to manually turn it on/off. It’s a prefect outdoor lighting choice to save energy and time.
  • IP64 Waterproof: URPOWER solar outdoor spotlights are made of high-quality plastic that allows it to withstand adverse weather conditions. With an IP64 rating, URPOWER ensured that these lights would last you all year long.

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Very bright

Solid build quality

Good pricing

large solar panel and big battery

Soft Light


Only 2 in a package

We chose urpower solar lights as the best value for a few reasons. For one, it’s insanely bright for what you are paying. each light contains 4 LEDs at 50 lumens each, bringing it to a total of 200 lumens per light. And due to its rather large solar panel, it definitely gets enough sun to power these bad boys for 9 hours, even on overcast days.

The price is on point when it comes to the best value for your money, Hence it being the best value option. Its build quality is solid and if you take care of them, they should last for many many years.

The light is a warm light, which is our favorite type of light. with its 3.7v 2200mAH battery, From empty to full it takes 5 hours of in sun charging a day and it will put off light for at least 9.

It contains 2 light modes, one being high and one being a more dim gentle light. It’s also fully adjustable, up to 270 degrees down and up for the solar panel, and 90 degrees for the light itself.

Really the only reason this light didn’t make it into the best choice category is that it only comes with 2 in the package. For this price point, we felt it was slightly high for that category, and we placed it here instead.

premium pick

Beau Jardin solar lights outdoor

BEAU JARDIN 8 Pack Solar Pathway Lights Color Changing + Bright White Outdoor Garden Stake Glass LED Stainless Steel IP65 Waterproof Landscape Path Lighting for Yard Walkway Driveway Outside Brown
  • Size & rustproof substantial glass / stainless steel: garden solar path light measures 16.54" in height x 4.72" in diameter. Wireless solar pathway light with auto sensor made of stainless steel with watertight diamond glass lightshade that enables you to use this bright solar garden light outdoor durably. Modern substantial textured touch of metal and glass quality of this solar power walkway light for garden patio lawn and backyard is much better than solar path way lighting made of plastic.
  • Easy assembly & use: in-ground solar light is out of the box with ease. No addition tools required to install this solar ground lighting outdoor. Wireless setting up and operation with this led solar landscape lighting. Quickly install this modern solar ground garden light by pushing this glass solar landscape light outdoor into the ground.
  • 3 LIGHTING MODE & AUTO ON/OFF: The solar powered light are designed with 3 lighting modes (Bright White & Multicolor & Fixed Color), you can have the bright white lighting or mulitcolor chaning mode, or set any of the mulicolor to the fixed mode. This ourdoor lights has a solar panel that absorbs sun light during the day to convert sunlight into electricity to recharge the AA Ni-MH battery (included). Solar power lights automatically turn on at night and turn off at dawn. The pattern cast thourh the high transmittance glass lampshade of this solar light is also attractive; solar path light white is a perfect addition to your backyard especiatlly for your party or Christmas!
  • High efficiency & eco-friendly: solar 10 lumens output with one white led of this solar ground pathway light. Diamond shaped led lights of this decorative solar lights outdoor are powered by solar panel (located on the top of the cap), which give off glowing light that lasts up to 8-12 hours (no extra electricity needed); 100% solar-powered. White led solar lights stay lit all through the night and into the morning. Enjoy free lighting of this solar powered path light glass for whole night!
  • IP65 waterproof & all-weather-resistant: glass solar outdoor path light is waterproof ip65. No worries about rain, snow, frost or sleet. Stainless steel and rugged abs plastic construction gives the longest-lasting life of any led lights on the market. The bright light given off by this stainless outdoor solar light provides safety of passage when no light source is available. Whether your mode of transportation is by vehicle or by foot let the illumination of this solar plant light guide you!

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Strong high-quality build materials

glass housing

looks amazing





glass housing might shatter if it gets knocked over

not as bright as other lights

Coming in as our premium pick is the beau jardin solar pathway light. With a whopping 8 lights per pack, you really can’t go wrong here. Although the price is a bit higher, the quality increases dramatically as well. Built from stainless steel and an actual glass housing, these little guys are durable as anything and look incredible to boot.

Included is a 1.2v 600mAH battery with a 6 hour charge time, it will produce a strong cool white light for 12 full hours.

Of course, like everything else on this list, it’s waterproof and winter resistant. Just remember to brush the snow off the solar panels or else you won’t get any charge!

It also comes in a variety of colors and designs. So you have a lot of options to choose from. The one thing they all have in common though is the durability aspect, we really want to emphasize that these are very strong items. They are fairly heavy too so you don’t need to worry about the wind blowing it over and smashing the glass housing.

Overall we were blown away by this product and that’s why it’s a premium pick. Overall though, Our favorite thing about these lights? The beautiful pattern it casts on the ground because of its incredible glass housing. It’s a thing of beauty to be sure. As far as solar lights outdoor goes, this is a great one.

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