Question: What is container garden companion planting?

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So what is container garden companion planting? Well, look at it this way.

As humans we tend to choose our own companions based on many factors, such as compatibility, intelligence, looks etc, and sometimes we are attracted to others for more silly reasons, such as his hair did a curly thing or his big toe is..big?

Well anyway, the point I’m trying to make is when 2 compatible people get together, they make each other a better single being and support each other to the best of their ability.

But what also happens very often is people end up together with someone they weren’t really compatible with and no beneficial growth between the two happens, Or worse yet, regression happens.

The thing is, Plants are no different, except for the part where they get to choose who their partner is.

It’s up to you to play plant cupid and try and get the right match for the right plants.

One that will last and bring the most benefits to the table as possible. A happy and healthy plant bares the happiest and healthiest fruit after all, and that’s what you are going for right?

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If you still don’t really get it, here is a very basic answer without any analogies.

What is container garden companion planting? Bluntly, It’s a strategy gardeners use to maximize the potential of their plants by planting them next to the most beneficial partner plant they can.

Ok but what kind of benefits are we talking about? Surely it’s not like the plant’s mate and the offspring is a giant man-eating tomato?

Well, No obviously not! But there are a lot of genuine reasons people do companion planting. Here are some examples:


Sometimes a certain type of plan has no real protection against critters and pests, So it’s beneficial to a companion that plant with something that does.

This protects both plants and acts as a strong deterrent for pests. It also makes organic gardening far more plausible, otherwise, you would need to use pesticides to deal with the pests and that’s really no good!


The fertility of the soils is a big deal. That’s why so many people plant fertility crops before their main crop.

Certain plants need more nitrogen for example than others. And certain plants will give off more nitrogen and useless.

This is a big deal and makes a great companion to those plants that need more nitrogen.

Trellising and Shade

A short plan can make use of a taller plant by climbing up it’s long trunk in order to get more sunlight.

Vice verse, a tall plant can protect a smaller plant who rather be in the shade from the harsh sunlight above.

There are so many more benefits for companion planting that i won’t get into here but as you can see the ones I did list are some very good reasons to be doing this at home with your container garden. If you would like to see different plant matching, check out our awesome visual guide to container garden companion planting


What is container gardening?

Container gardening is a method that uses small, shallow or large containers rather than planting into the ground itself. The advantages include:

Versatility: Container gardening allows you to have plant’s where you normally could not, Such as deck/balcony, hanging from a ceiling, vertical farming on indoor walls etc.

Really anywhere you can place, hang or secure a container and gets enough light is a viable option for container gardening.

Climate Control-ability and More Variation: Maybe your climate is too hot or too cold, or even too dry – With indoor container gardening you can grow plants you never thought you would be able too in your region.

From desert succulents to tropical carnivorous, Container gardening provides massive flexibility on what you can grow.

Weed-free! That’s right! No more pesky weeds. I don’t even need to explain the awesomeness in that I hope!

Control: No matter what you are growing, You have the confidence that you have total control over everything the plant needs.

Light, Food, Temperature and Attention. No more rolling the dice on weather your tomatoes come out too small this year, Or full of bugs. You know exactly what your going to get because when you control the variables you control the outcome, Giving consistency.

How to start a container vegetable garden?

Grab a container, some dirt and some seeds! Really it’s that simple. But if you want a more in-depth guide on how to start a container vegetable garden check out this link here, which will be active once we get our huge in depth guide posted. Be sure to check back regularly! For now, Check out our article on types of container materials.

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