Snow Joe SJ shlv01 Review – Best Shovel for Bad Backs

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sNOW JOE SJ shlv01 best shovel for bad backs
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Whether you get a little snow or a lot of snow, You will probably find yourself in need of a shovel this year. But what should you buy? There are so many options to choose from. Not to mention the sheer amount of variables that go into choosing a shovel, Like it’s ergonomics, Is it good for your bad back? Will it scuff up your wood deck?

Well, we hope to answer those questions with our pick of the best shovel for bad backs, The Snow Joe SJ shlv01.

Snow Joe SJ shlv01

Would it surprise you to know, there are a lot of people out there with really bad backs? No, probably not huh. Truth is shoveling snow has led to 11,500 injuries a year, and a good chunk of those are back injuries.

And that’s not even coming close to how many pre-existing back injuries exist which can make shoveling snow every winter a living hell. Of course, most people in such dire circumstances will opt to have someone else do it for them, Or buy a snowblower.

Unfortunately, Not everyone can have the luxury of these services. They are often very expensive or simply inaccessible to certain areas.

Luckily for us, there are shovels especially designed to prevent back injuries as well has help those who already sustained an injury the ability to shovel safely and (hopefully) pain free.

Frankly, there are an overwhelming amount of products out there that claim to do these things, Some are legit and well known, and some just aren’t that effective.

It’s easy to be overtaken by options, so we did the leg work for you. We came to the conclusion that the Snow Joe SJ shlv01 is simply the best shovel for bad backs.

Coming to this conclusion was pretty simple. The science is settled when it comes to back pain and shoveling, Bending and twisting are bad.

That’s where the snow joes spring loaded strap handle comes in. It’s built to prevent you from bending and twisting like you would with a normal shovel.

Back-breaking winter cleanup is a thing of the past with this specialy designed shovel.

It boasts an 18 inch shatter proof polypropylene blade that wont damage your wooden decks.

The spring loaded handle allows you to exert less force when removing the snow and allows recycling of the movement energy to bring the shovel back down to the ground quickly.


  • Super lightweight
  • Easy to use and maneuver around with its spring-loaded strap handle
  • It’s lightweight and balance allows you to lift more with less effort
  • Metal edge stops the plastic from getting eaten away on the blade
  • The blade is narrow enough so you don’t take on too much snow and hurt your back, but slim enough to get into all the places you need to go


  • It could be heftier. Being so lightweight makes it slightly more fragile
  • The metal edge might be annoying for some users depending on what their driveway is made of and the grain of their deck. Some users might need to remove it.


The Snow Joe SJ shlv01 is a pure winner if you’ve got back issues which cause issue with snow shoveling. The unfortunate part of life is snow exists and we have to shovel it sometimes. This shovel plain and simple makes that easier for those of us with bad backs.

At the end of the day, Your still going to hate shoveling, But at least you’ll be able to do it pain free and honestly that’s the most important thing.

Have a happy winter folks, a happy, pain free winter.

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