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It’s not all cans and dehydrators in food preservation, Sometimes you just need a useful paper wrap to get the job done. That’s where freezer paper comes in!

To understand what freezer paper does best, you have to know what the other papers don’t do. Parchment and wax paper, for example, Don’t seal in moisture as well as they could.

Wax paper has a layer of wax over it which makes it unsuitable for many applications, especially baking.

So these 2 types of paper are not ideal for freezer use.

That’s why freezer paper exists. It’s a special paper that has plastic on one side to keep moisture in, and a paper exterior which allows you to more easily write a date or name on the package.

As just about everyone knows, retaining moisture is vital to keeping something fresh in the freezer. After all, freezer burn is just the result of moisture loss.

Our current recommendation on the best freezer paper:

White Freezer Paper Roll (18 Inch x 175 Feet) - Poly Coated Moisture Resistant Wrap with Matte Side for Freezing Meats, Protects Against Freezer Burn
  • FREEZE WITH EASE when you use Meat Hugger Freezer Wrap for wild game, the catch of the day, or when you buy in bulk from your local butcher. This sturdy freezer paper is perfect for venison, beef, pork, poultry and more.
  • LEAKPROOF poly-coating prevents meat juices from seeping through during transport or in your refrigerator. A matte side for affixing labels or writing with a marker makes Meat Hugger Freezer Paper perfect for commercial and home meat
  • STRETCH YOUR BUDGET by protecting meats from freezer burn and cheeses from drying-out. Our coated freezer paper lets you create a form-fitting bond that eliminates air and provides long-lasting temperature resistance.
  • VERSATILE, MULTI-PURPOSE coated paper can be used for quilting and printing on fabric. The same poly-coating that locks-in meat juices allows you to use fabric paints and bleach without seeping through your hand-cut stencils
  • MADE IN THE USA and third-party certified for food contact safety. Create custom sheet lengths to suit any size cut of meat or application.

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So What Is Freezer Paper good for?

Because of its special design and given its incredible strength, Freezer paper is often the first choice for cuts of meat, fish, chicken, etc. It’s far sturdier than foil or the other papers as well so it makes it ideal for these meats.

You also have the added benefit of being able to wrap it very tightly around the meat. This prevents any air space gaps in between the cold air and your meat which wick away moisture.

You can also use it in loo of other plastics for such things as pizza dough, cookie dough, Noodles, and ramen dough, and really anything you can think of that can be wrapped.

It’s truly a versatile made to be a frozen piece of equipment that any kitchen should definitely have. You can save a lot of money by buying it on amazon here

Further Questions

Can freezer paper go in the oven

No! Because of the special design, plastic being on one side of the sheet, freezer paper can NOT go in the oven.

Not only would the plastic melt and cover your food, which is unsafe all on its own, The plastic could also burn and put plumes of toxic smoke flying around your kitchen. This can cause all sorts of horrible things including cancer!

Is freezer paper microwave safe

No, you can not put freezer paper in the microwave! For the same reason, you can’t put it in an oven. There is a plastic coating on one wide of the paper that will melt, smoke up, or even catch fire in some circumstances.

So if you’re in a hurry to thaw your meat, Place it in a Ziploc bag (paper and all) and stick it under cold running water.

Otherwise, Just stick it in the fridge inside a rimmed pan or bowl to make sure there is no cross-contamination as it defrosts.

Is freezer paper recyclable

Unfortunately not. Due to the layers of plastic and the type of plastic it is, Freezer paper can only be designated as trash once used.

Someday maybe we will be able to recycle such things, but as of now, it’s destined for a landfill or incinerator.

Depending on what it’s held in the past, You might find uses for it around the home in arts and crafts or other unique uses. You shouldn’t reuse a sheet of freezer paper on a different food item, though.

Is freezer paper biodegradable

Just as it’s unable to be recycled, It’s also unable to be composted. Because of the plastic sheeting on one side, It will not biodegrade. However, If you can manage the time-consuming and frustrating task of peeling the plastic away from the paper, the paper itself can be decomposed.

Just keep in mind you will still need to throw away the plastic part, which is not recyclable.

what is the paper coated with

Upon normal inspection, it just looks like thick-cut parchment paper, But in reality, if you look close you will see a thin layer of polyethylene. This plastic allows your food to stay fresh for up to 12 months!

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