Tips for Storing Fresh Rosemary

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Tips for Storing Fresh Rosemary

The key to enjoying fresh herbs like rosemary is knowing how to store them properly. These storage tips will help you keep your fresh rosemary fresher for longer.

Rosemary does fairly well in the fridge, but the longer it’s in there, the more it may start to wilt. This generally tends to be 2-to-weeks when wrapped in a damp cloth. Luckily, before it actually expires, you can get a second wind from the plant by putting it in the freezer.

Freezing is actually one of the best ways to store rosemary. It will help keep it fresh for up to a year because of how well rosemary freezes.

You can freeze the leaves whole, or crumble them before you place them in an airtight container or freezer bag. Just remember that if you don’t want your rosemary to stick together in a giant ball, then be sure to store it on a cookie sheet and not directly into containers so they’re not touching each other first before transferring to a bag.

If freezing isn’t an option, storing on the counter is better than keeping it in the fridge because of how quickly refrigerators tend to dry out herbs – especially delicate ones like rosemary. However, putting some water inside of a jar with your sprigs is ideal since this will always keep them hydrated.

Should I freeze dry/powdered rosemary?

Yes, you can absolutely freeze dried-out the rosemary. It doesn’t matter if it’s been dried out as a full leaf or crumbled into bits or powder, It can still be placed into a freezer bag or container and tossed into the freezer to keep even longer without going stale or losing its potency.

How long does fresh/powdered rosemary last?

  • In the fridge: 2 weeks if wrapped in a damp cloth
  • on the counter: 2-3 weeks in a glass jar with water in the bottom (change daily).
  • In the freezer: up to a year for fresh leaves.
  • Dried leaves/powder: 3 years depending on conditions it’s being kept in.
  • Dried leaves/powder inside freezer: 10+ years if adequately stored.

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