Top 3 solar powered garden rock lights

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Decorating your outdoor space can be a hassle. There are so many things you would want to do to give it an extra edge. You can start by installing some outdoor lights to provide a modern look to your house.

There are so many outdoor lights you can choose from. Rock lights can be a smart choice, as they blend in with the natural landscape. They can be a decorative piece to add to the landscape during the day and an excellent light source to illuminate your outdoor space at night.

Here are the top 3 solar-powered garden rock lights.

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Best solar powered garden rock lights

HECARIM Landscape Rock Light

Timeflies Landscape Rock Light, Solar Powered Garden Lights Outdoor Decorative Waterproof LED Spotlight for Pathway, Walkway, Yard, Patio
  • 【Solar Rock lights】Green and environmental protection energy, without your payment for electricity, installation requires no connecting wires. The lights would automatically turn on at night and turn off automatically at dawn.
  • solar rock light use a 1.2V AA 1200mAh NiMH rechargeable battery, It's solar panel can only takes about 5-6 hours to fully charge in sunny day and it can work about 8-12 hours at night.
  • 【Adjustable lighting angle】the solar rock can swivel up and down.
  • Made with durable Eco Friendly polyresin for an authentic appearance. it can stay in place well and handle a good mount of extreme weather, snow and rain.
  • Switch ON: Make sure the switch is in the ‘ON’ position before charging.

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If you are looking for efficient solar-powered garden rock lights, this is the perfect choice for you. HECARIM Landscape Rock Light is sure to effectively illuminate your garden, backyard, or walkway.

The HECARIM rock light offers some useful features and is designed to give your garden the best lighting effect.

It has two powerful LED bulbs and is powered by a 3.2 V solar cell. It is a durable product and completely waterproof.


  • It has two LED bulbs, which are enough to offer great lighting. You can adjust the color temperature with the help of the switch. It emits a warm light, between 3000-5000 K, making it easy for the eyes.
  • The HECARIM rock lights would blend in easily with the natural background, thanks to its flawless design. You can put them anywhere to enhance the outdoor landscape. At night it would illuminate the area with beautiful white light. Placing it outside will offer a great ambiance to your outdoors.
  • It is automated and would turn on as the sunsets. When the natural light in the surrounding area brightens, it will turn off accordingly.
  • It comes with rechargeable 3.2 V solar cells. The solar panels quickly absorb the natural sunlight and charge the cells. Once you charge the batteries, it offers up to 8 hours of backup.
  • The rock light is waterproof, and you need not worry about rain or snow.


  • The camouflage design makes it a great piece to keep outdoors as it helps it blend easily with the natural environment.
  • It is easy to install and maintain.
  • The waterproof feature makes it durable.
  • Everything is automated, which makes it very easy to use.


  • The light is not as bright as you would expect.
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SunKite Solar Powered Rock Light, 4 Pack

SunKite Solar Powered Rock Light, 2 Pack 10 LED Waterproof Garden Stone Lights Outdoor Landscaping Spotlights, Yard Patio Pathway Driveway Landscape Rock
  • Solar charging: Turn on the switch during the day and place the light in a sunny place. The solar panel will store enough electricity. This solar rock light will turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn. Generally, it takes 6-8 hours to fully charge and about 8 hours of work.
  • Waterproof and windproof: The solar light can be used in rainy days. High-quality polyresin materials can provide IP66 waterproof performance. And we have added a plunger, which can better fix this path light and enhance its ability to resist wind and rain.
  • Decorative appearance: Natural rock appearance, which can perfectly blend with your garden walkway and lawn. Decorate and illuminate your gardens, terraces, porches, yard paths and walkways.
  • Convenient and bright: no plugs and wires are required. You only need to choose the location you want to place, and it is very convenient to move the location. And it is equipped with 10 RF-2835 LED bulbs, which are bright enough (solar lights have limited power and cannot replace household lights).
  • Environmental protection and money saving: Since our rock lamp is solar charging, it can make good use of natural resources-sunlight, and save you the cost of household appliances.

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If you are ready to invest some extra cash, the Sunlite Solar Powered Rock Light would be a perfect choice. They are fantastic décor pieces to keep outside during the day and offer excellent spot ambiance lighting.

It is automated and turns on and off depending on the intensity of the light outside. You can switch the solar lights on, and it would charge on itself under the sunlight. Under normal conditions, it would take about 8 hours to fully charge. Once the battery capacity is full, it would light for up to 8-hours.

It is well built, and the outdoor shell is made of rust-free material. You don’t have to worry about the natural elements affecting it.


  • The SunKite rock light is solar-powered. You can place it anywhere you can get some sunlight, and it will charge itself.
  • It is fully automated. You don’t have to do anything to charge or light it.
  • It is both water and wind-resistant. The SunKite rock light is made of polyserin materials and has an IP66 Waterproof rating making it rust-free.
  • It is portable, easy to install. You don’t need to take the trouble of doing any extra wiring. All you need to do is find a suitable location where it can get enough sunlight.


  • Since it is solar-powered, it saves money.
  • It is hassle-free as everything is automated.
  • As it is made of quality materials, it is high on durability.
  • The waterproof feature makes it an ideal lighting source to keep outside.
  • It comes with larger solar panels.


  • The light gets dimmer after a month or two of usage.
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Landscape Rock Light, Solar Powered Garden Lights

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The Landscape Rock Light by GYMAOYI is a rock light that comes with an adjustable angle to provide illumination in the desired area. It is waterproof and durable and can withstand the effects of rain and snow.

It is a good investment if you are looking for something decent in this price range. The rock light is fully automated and easy to use.


  • It comes with a solar-powered AA battery, which offers backup of up to 8 hours once it is charged fully. Depending on the weather, the battery would take about 6-7 hours to set.
  • The rock light is wholly automated and turns the light on when it gets dark. Depending on the availability of the natural light, it will turn off once day breaks.
  • You can adjust the angle of the lighting. It offers a 45-degree range of illumination.
  • It is made of polyserin, which makes it water-resistant.
  • It is easy to install. Simply turn the switch on, which is located at the bottom. After this, you can place your rock light anywhere in your garden, back yard, pool area, or even flower beds. All you have to keep in mind is to put it where there is sunshine.
  • Thanks to its monocrystal silicon solar panel, it charges faster than other products.


  • It is easy to use.
  • The battery charges faster and offers lighting for a long duration.
  • It is weather-resistant and durable.
  • The polyserin cover makes it waterproof.


  • It gives out white light. If you want something that produces warm light, this is not the product you should get.

There are so many rock lights to choose from, but these three products stand out. Getting any one of these rock lights will eventually be a good investment. As they are solar-powered, you don’t have to spend extra on light bills. They are easy to install and costs you nothing to maintain it.

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