Solar Powered Garden Lights With Timer

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Our recommended Solar Powered Garden Lights

Solar-powered lights are an excellent way for homeowners to save money on their electricity bills, not to mention how much greener it is than other sources of energy. Garden lights are perfect for illuminating pathways and providing security at night. And they’re even better when they have a timer built in so you don’t need to get a 3rd party plug timer or have to turn them on and off every night and every morning.

That’s why we recommend these solar-powered garden lights + with a timer built-in!

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What are the benefits of having solar-powered garden lights?

  • Save on electricity bills
  • Keep the environment greener and healthier by using less power, especially in places where there are lots of trees that suck up CO levels.
  • No need to turn garden lights off at night or during daylight hours.

Running a few lights outside isn’t a huge power drain by any stretch of the imagination, However, it certainly does add up after some time. So saving money is right up there with reasons why you would want a solar garden light.

What should I look for when purchasing a solar-powered garden light?

  • Make sure the solar garden light has a timer.

This will ensure that it turns off and on at set times, which is perfect for those of us who don’t want to spend time dealing with it manually, or for those who tend to be forgetful. What’s the point of doing things ourselves when we can let technology do it for us?

It’s also great if you need to leave town as you’ll never have to worry about turning lights on or off again.

The materials it’s made of should be sturdy. Metal is the best, anything else is likely to break during installation or be easily broken by kids/pets and wind. Although certain types of hard plastics can be strong at first, they start to break down rapidly when left to the elements.

It’s a good idea if it has an on-off switch as well so you can keep track of power usage and turn lights off when needed. Sometimes lights won’t have both a timer and an off switch, most will, though.

Some solar garden light will also have sensors which detect dusk and dawn automatically turning them on, which is nice because then you don’t have to worry about powering them up every day. But it’s completely negated by the existence of the timer, So don’t overpay for such a feature.

The lights should be LED, as these are the most efficient types of light and will last for years. They also tend to be the brightest lights on the market.

They also use vastly less power than other types of bulbs, which means you can get a longer-lasting, brighter light with smaller solar panels, which will save you a small fortune. Yes, something so simple as LEDs can save you a lot of money in the long run.

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